Company profile is one of the fastest growing firm, establishing itself as a professional brokerage house, in advising clients on their Housing requirement needs as well as their investments into real estate, predominantly in Kerala. In a place where customers think of dealing with a firm where builder’s trust/ timely delivery/quality etc. is key to building relationships, we have stepped in to fulfill these to the best of our client’s satisfaction.

For example a plot of land brought in Kochi in 2000 has grown 10-12 times or more by now in 2012 even with the 2008 recession built in.

We help you to indentify the right price for your property that you want to sell not just in the towns but in your hometown too. We would also help you choose the right Apartment or Villa that suits your budget in a place that you dream of owning one

Some of the approaches that we follow are :
 We don’t recommend all that properties that come to us.
 We strictly adhere to the “On time delivery/ Clear Title/etc”
 We try and understand our client first then source for his/her investment requirements, rather than putting forward a list of projects for him/her to choose and finalize on it.
 We try and maximize our client’s revenue, thereby building up long term relationships.
 We try and let the client discuss and negotiate the pricing directly from the builder/property owner. Hence rating up of property prices is avoided.
 Our sale finalization is more personal than online.

Our Rental Management Division would help you in getting a tenant / executing an agreement for your Apartment/ Villa that you own, which you are planning to rent out, thereby making your life easier.

Allow us to understand your requirements, so as to bring forward the best deal for you. Even if you want to know the estimated price to sell your property, write to us with details and we will be more than happy to revert.
We firmly believe that "a successful investment is only, the start of a journey and not the destination".
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