Legal Validation Services

Title deed / certificate of title of the land:
When you are planning to buy any property, the first and foremost thing is to check the title deed of that property. The property's title deed is the legal document, which proves the ownership of property. The title deed presents certain rights and freedom to the person who holds it and such deeds are required when one wants to transfer his ownership. It includes description of property along with the person's name that holds it and multiple persons can also be listed as joint owners.

Encumbrance Certificate
The encumbrance means any liabilities or charges created on any property in terms of any security of any debit by property owner, which is not discharged as on date. It might be held as a security against a bank loan. Encumbrance Certificate is necessary to check the title clearance of the property before buying it.

Property Tax receipts
Property taxes are first charge on property that is paid to government or municipality. So an enquiry has to be made to ensure whether all tax has been paid as on date. The owner can provide a copy of the same, which needs to be checked for validity. In this way the buyer can check whether any notices or requisitions are issued on property or any tax is due on the property. 

Now these are some of the checks, which needs to be done before a property is finalized. Many people don't have the time or don't want to spend a little extra to protect their purchase.
We have our empaneled property lawyers who would verify and validate the documents concerned, so that your transaction is effected smoothly without any problems.

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